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Over the years, there’s only been one festival that I rarely miss and it’s the Fantasia Film Festival. Every year all movie junkies, cinephiles, film freaks, film aholics and popcorn munchers gather to enjoy a cinematic celebration. In 2018 I discovered Bodied and did not really know what to expect. Would it be a hit or a disappointing miss? Hit it was indeed. This satire is about Adam, a graduate student working on his thesis, who steps on the freestyle battle rap scene.

Adam’s character was magnificently played by Calum Worthy, which gave the movie credibility. I was amazed at how the director was able to weave in a story without alienating the battle rap scenes that felt over choreographed. At times it was uncomfortable to watch (and I’m referring to the scene about cultural appropriation and a few battle scenes), and at times it was cliche (the girlfriend story did not really move the plot). The writing stood out and our protagonist felt the consequences of every decision that he made. 

Not that it matters but it’s a Youtube Original and Eminem produced it, which means he put up the money for this project. I predict that this movie will gain momentum and will become a cult classic during the 20s. A must watch for every hip hop fan out there.

  • Acting 85% 85%
  • Directing 85% 85%
  • Writing / Screenplay 88% 88%
  • Cinematography 75% 75%
  • Set / Sound Design 75% 75%


Mr. Ron
Author: Ron Beauchamp
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