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I’m neither a politician nor a civil rights activist, but in the backdrop of the covid-19 crisis and the public murder of George Floyd, I can’t help but point out that police brutality has been around for many decades. 

Here comes the not so great movie “Colors” that came along with a not so great soundtrack too (except for Ice-T’s cinematic “Colors” single). 

Set in a late 80’s, the movie paints a violent realistic portrait of the infamous L.A.P.D.  and the Holy Trinity of gangs (Bloods, Crips and Hispanic) in L.A. The movie’s main stars were Sean Penn and Robert Duval playing the good cop, bad cop routine, along with younger versions of Glenn Plummer, Damon Wayans and Don Cheadle. 

Oddly directed by Dennis Hopper who brought us Easy Rider in 1969)

“We gangs of L.A. will never die, just multiply…Colors…”

  • Acting 70% 70%
  • Directing 70% 70%
  • Writing / Screenplay 80% 80%
  • Cinematography 75% 75%
  • Set / Sound Design 75% 75%


Mr. Ron
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